Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

Looking for Real Estate Digital Marketing Services ?

Real estate sales is all about reaching out to targeted buyers in a specific location and create interest for the project being marketed , digital marketer needs to have clarity with the digital tools they will use to make the online campaign effective and optimized to acquire quality leads at low cost .

real estate digital marketing services

It all starts with engaging the potential buyers with your Ads and giving them valuable content about the project , which drives them to call to action and fill out contact form . Create Valuable and Engaging content around your Landing Page , Images and videos .

Before starting any digital activity for a real estate project , we ensure that high converting landing page and video is ready . With landing page we are able to analyze traffic sources and work on the most high performing AD Campaign . We also work on remarketing campaigns targeting ads to people who have visited website but have not filled out the contact form , thus making campaigns optimized and effective .

Check out the Video we created for a Project Vikas Palazzo and its building good traction for lead generation on youtube and facebook –

Video Ads helps in building positive traction towards projects , we execute video ads on facebook / instagram and youtube . After analyzing high volume keywords , we optimize youtube video to be discovered on youtube to attract free and paid traffic .

We work on high converting sales funnels across digital platforms , only way to build highly effective sales funnel is to experiment with different ad campaigns on both display and search network , further optimize the high performing ad campaign and scale it up to get high volume and quality leads .

real estate digital marketing services

In digital marketing services for real estate , we work on CPL ( Cost Per Lead Model ) . We help our clients with building creative assets and launching digital campaigns on Facebook , Youtube and Google . We will deliver most high performing lead generation funnel .

Have shared case study video below on our latest campaigns in lead generation for real estate projects .

If you wld like to know more about facebook marketing , pls click on this LINK .

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